Our first Glamping experience

What a week… the girls have been feeling unwell with a temperature and then we have had 3 snow days where the schools have been shut! We have mostly spent our time – Sledging, making snow people,  watching films, drinking hot chocolate then repeating this sequence!

When an advert popped up on Facebook for a weekend in a yurt back in January I showed it to hubby and he said ‘Why not’ I literally booked it 5 minutes later… this is so not his scene so him giving me the go ahead I jumped on the opportunity to go.

With the #beastfromtheeast hitting Norfolk last week we were unsure if we were going to make it. We thought we would go Friday night and if we were cold and miserable we would go home. Luckily we managed to get there without any problems.

On arrival our yurt was covered in snow it looked lovely. The yurts are on a part of Yaxham holiday park. They offer luxury lodges which look really amazing. There is a cafe/bistro and shop (was shut for refurbishment) , small farm (consisting of goats) and lots of land to run around on. There was a toilet and shower block less than a minute walk away which was warm and clean. We were able to park just outside our Yurt which was handy when unloading the car with all our bags… we packed way too much!

We unlocked the yurt and popped our heads in and found the heater on so it was lovely and cosy. We made up the beds and lit the fire. There were sparkly fairy lights around the inside and a stove, electricity for phone chargers (yay!). There were hanging lanterns all around the yurt with a box of tealights to help yourself to.

We had an early night and all sleep surprisingly well. The fire was warm and we ended up feeling hot in the night. We packed so many layers but we didn’t need anything more than pyjamas and a duvet.

This was Benji’s first weekend away and he was amazing. He slept soundly in his bed, nice and cosy. He made a friend ‘Frank’ the pug. They enjoyed running around together. There were 3 yurts and a train carriage on the glamping site. 2 of the yurts (one being ours ) were occupied and the train carriage. The girls made friends with a little girl and they enjoyed playing together outside.


(Please ignore the word ‘Yeah’ on the scrabble board) We had played about 50 times by this point so anything goes when you are playing with a 5 year old. We enjoyed a weekend of playing games… countless games of scrabble and hangman. Playing in the snow, walking Benji, enjoying marshmallows and generally just relaxing together as a family. There wasn’t anything to do onsite really other than play outside and play games. There were a range of toys to play with outside eg. swings, little tikes cars, bikes and a chest of games. There were picnic tables, a bbq and pit for fires. The Dinosaur Park is just down the road if you wanted to go offsite, there is also a railway close by and the town of Dereham.


It was lovely to be away from all the stresses of home life, no television to distract us or a pile of washing to do. There were no arguments, everyone slept well, Little K was singing away to herself and has a new found love of washing up!

When I asked both of the girls if they had a good time they both said they had and didn’t want to go home. Even hubby enjoyed himself!


This is definitely something we would do again, I’d recommend giving it a go… Glamping was a new experience for us and other than getting used to having to walk to the toilet and wash up (we use a dishwasher at home) we had a really fun time! Once the snow had melted the yurt and surrounding area did look a bit of a mess and rather run down however it is what it is. If you fancy a weekend in a field to get away from life then go for it! The smiles on our girls faces say it all!


I really want to go to Camp Bestival this year…  I love music and love family events so would love to camp and enjoy music with my family! Now to work on hubby for the next camping experience!

If you want to check out the site take a look – https://www.norfolk-glamping.co.uk/ unfortunately they are closing down in April so in their last few weeks now.

Thanks for reading


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