OOKS the interactive story-creation app – World Book Day

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This World Book Day we are teaming up with OOKS. An interactive app where children create their own stories and books. They are then sent the physical book to keep forever. OOKS is centred around literacy and helping families connect through story time both on and off the screen.

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‘Here at OOKS HQ, we are all too aware of the importance of stories in the lives of children. With the world becoming more technologically advanced and digital devices playing a big part in the lives of children, it’s important for traditional practices to be nurtured as part of a harmonious relationship that embraces digital and the changing landscape. We created OOKS for this exact reason – to allow storytelling to continue to be at the forefront of play experiences for kids!’

A Balance of Real World and Digital Play encouraging learning through play

OOKS is an interactive story-creation app for children that enables them to create awesome real world books through digital play, and develops their love of books, reading, and storytelling in the process!

Interactive Storytelling Where your Child is the Author

While playing in the OOKS world, your child will create a book that is ultra personalised to them! Their drawings will decorate the landscape and their choices will direct the story. How did they defeat the dinosaur at Mount Gargoyle? A catapult? A dance-off? A tea-party? Your child’s unique OOK book will reflect the magic of their own imagination!

A Personalised Book to Read Over and Over

Watch your child’s face light up when their book arrives full of artwork they created and personalised just for them! Not only have they created their very own book but they’ll gain a love of storytelling, writing, and reading – gifts that will stay with them for the rest of their life.

Unfortunately Little A & Big K have been poorly so have only just had a chance to start using the app. So far they love the look of the characters and are looking forward to finishing their stories and watching out for the postman with their very own books.We will do a follow up post and review once the girls are feeling better and have really had a chance to explore the application and received their books.

Would you like to download the app and create your very own book? Ooks is available on the itunes app store and google play available from:



For more information follow their social media channels:



Thanks for reading.

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