Conservation Crisis Game – Review

ADVERT (Gifted board game)

We were recently sent ‘Conservation Crisis’ the game to review.


Conservation crisis is different to other board games as the purchase of the game itself contributes to helping save endangers species of animal. £2 from every board game sale is donated to charity.

How to play: You chose which endangered species of animal you would like to save and through the game you use strategy to take control of wildlife reserves in crisis. You have to consider funding, which projects to build and which staff to hire to rebuild reserves and keep the wildlife safe. This is a game where the player needs to be good at decision making. Choosing to hire vets, rangers or building tourist lodges to generate cash.

To add an extra layer of reality to the game there is also a checkpoint where players choose between waiting of paying a ‘bribe’ to the poachers to pass straight through. This however leads to consequences later in the game. This game tests players decision making skills, morals, is educational and entertaining for anyone aged 7 years +.


What we thought: Initially we found the game rules quite tricky to work out but with perseverance we got to grips with it. The girls really got stuck in and passionate about the animals they wanted to save. We also had some really great conversations around real life impacts of poachers, funding and projects that help conservation. We also discussed what bribes were and feelings around what we believe to be right and wrong. It is a good game to talk about choices and how in real life business decisions impact others.

This game is perfect for children who are experienced with board games or new to board games but a little older maybe 8-9 year olds in our opinion. We also love that by purchasing this game £2 is donated to charity which makes it the perfect present for loved ones.

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