‘All About Dogs’ show Norfolk

On Sunday we attended the ‘All about dogs show’ at the Norfolk Showground run by Aztec events. We took our gorgeous cavapoo puppy Benji who is now 10 months old… he is growing too quick!! There was an impressive line up of acts including Britain’s got talent ‘Trip Hazard’ and Lucy Heath and Pip and Buddy. Also lots of agility to watch and other acts taking centre stage.


Around the main arena there were lots of stalls selling dog treats, toys and accessories and food companies with lots of tasters…. Benji enjoyed some delicious goodies. There was also a village green and main stage where people sung, they hosted ‘dogs got talent’ and ‘hollywood hounds’ a look-a-like competition.

We bought Benji a biscuit treat from ‘Barkers of Suffolk’ canine bakers, patisserie and chocolatier…they have some beautiful biscuits, dog chocolate and other treats. We may check them out for Benji’s birthday treat in October. Benji is super fussy so we asked what he would be most likely to eat and we bought him a bone biscuit ‘cheese and salmon’ I think it was.

Hubby liked watching the K9 display team who were inventive including fire in their act and using a bite sleeve. He loves Alsatians… some of the little dogs were impressive with the tricks they can do with such little limbs.


A & K enjoyed going into the arena and taking part in a trick with Trip Hazard where Trip jumped over all of the arms of those that took part and walked across their backs. The dogs were very well-trained and did some fantastic tricks. These clever dogs makes Benji’s catalogue of tricks sounds rubbish –  paw, high-five, dance and spin. Best get training him to do back flips!!!

Benji had a go on a few of the ‘Have a go’ stands. He completed hurdles, flyball (he wasn’t so bothered about the ball) and also chasing a lure which he flew after most surprisingly. The girls enjoyed encouraging Benji on the have a go stands. The cost varied between £1 & £2.50 on the stalls we took part in which was reasonable.


Inside the building on the show ground there were a few stands.. this seems a little bit of a wasted space, could possibly have had an area for children to do craft, face paint or soft play here. We did enjoy some delicious cakes from a stall inside.


We bought a bargain EDP bag for £1.50 which included a bottle of water, a wispa bar, packet of crisps and a bag of Natures menu dog food. Bargain!

Unfortunately the weather forecast wasn’t great for the day we attended so many people left after lunch however we ate our lunch in the car and headed back for a little wander before heading off.

There was an area for bouncy castles that the girls loved, this was reasonably priced at £2 each for 10 minutes per castle, which is great to wear the children out. Next to this area was the watersports area where the dogs launch themselves into the water this is great fun to watch the dogs looked like they were having fun.

We drove past the show ground on Monday ‘bank holiday’ and the car park was nearly full and queued up the road, definitely the busier day for the show.

We usually feed Benji Butternutbox but found a similar company who also home cook their dog food called Different dog to try so bought a few tubs. We bought some treats at a bargain price and some awesome ‘Chuck-it’ balls which are fab as they are one of the only balls that Benji can’t ruin!

Overall we had a lovely time at All About Dogs show. We would definitely return another year, Benji certainly had a good time he fell asleep in the car as soon as we starting driving. We enjoyed around 4 hours at the show, we didn’t enter Benji into any of the fun show competitions, there was a whole list of fun categories all of the funds were raised for dog charities which was great. Benji enjoyed socialising with lots of other dogs and we picked up some bargains from the stalls.

The ticket price £14 an adult and £8 a child on the gate but if you book online you save yourself some money. The ticket does also include free entry to the Norfolk Festive gift and food show on 10th and 11th November which should be worth a visit. If the weather was drier we would have probably stayed a lot longer watching the acts in the arenas.

Check out their other All about dog events across the country: https://www.allaboutdogsshow.co.uk/

Thanks for reading

*We received free tickets to the event in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own


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  1. What a fun day! I’ve done some housesitting recently and dog sat for two gorgeous dogs. It’s made me want a dog again, even though I travel a lot. Wish I could get one but it wouldn’t be fair on the dog


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