Junior Park Run

On Sunday Big A took park in the Junior park run at Eaton Park. A 2km fun run around the park at 9am on a Sunday morning.

It is one and a half big laps of the park area! There was a group of stewards in high-vis jackets at the main bandstand where we headed for 8:45 everyone then heads over to near the tennis courts where the starting point is. Its not a serious competitive race but about getting out and moving with family and friends on a Sunday morning getting active and for some beating previous times. There are running clubs which take part but on the most part it is families getting active.

You sign up online which is  *FREE* and you are given a barcode which you need to print out so they can track your finish times. At the end of the run you are given a token which you take to a marshall who scans your barcode and token to record your time. Later that day you receive a text message/email to confirm your time and finishing place. We received it late morning.

We arrived at 8:45 and listened to a marshall give us some safety guidance and the rules. He explained how the whole event worked. There was a real family atmosphere with lots of people cheering the children on as we went round and there were marshals dotted around the course to provide support or help if needed.

Big A did amazingly… she sped off without me and she finished with a time of 14 minutes 51 seconds. We were so proud of her for finishing her first run and she really enjoyed herself and is eager to attend again and beat her time.

She was excited to wear her new running gear, which I won from a facebook competition her outfit consists of running leggings, an awesome t-shirt and a jacket. Big A was super excited to have thumb holes in her jumper and also to have a zip at the back to put her barcode paper in. They offer a good range of performance sportswear including club items which you can have your logo added to.  Check out their website for more information – https://everactiv.com

If you fancy giving Junior Park Run a go the Sunday race is for children aged 4-14 year olds however parents can join in with their children just not cross the finish line to get a finish time. On a Saturday morning they run the same event but for adults which is a 5km race children are allowed to partake but must be accompanied by an adult.

For more information and to sign up for the next park run head to their website parkrun.org.uk/norwich-juniors

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Marsh Harrier Norwich

We were delighted to be invited to a tasting session at the newly refurbished Marsh Harrier in Norwich. We were promised an evening of samples, glass of prosecco and entertainment….

Where do I start…. upon entering the restaurant we entered what would seem to be a very busy bar area with one lady serving and the telephone ringing continuously. Once the member of staff came to serve us we told her we were there for the tasting evening, she pointed in the direction to the right of the bar and said ‘Just through there.’

We found a table near the fire (unfortunately the table was dirty with crumbs and sticky drinks marks and 2 tissues were left on the window sill) not a great first impression. We sat and waited…. we could see the empty prosecco glasses on the bar. We offered two ladies a seat with us as there were not enough seats or tables for all the guests. After about 15 minutes a lady came out with a plate of prawn cocktail style starters. She placed them on a table with a few plates… some shots of wine/ale followed placed on a table the other side of the room. We were not asked our names or ticked off any list at any point in the evening.


There was no explanation as to how the evening was going to take place, no feedback forms or menus. There was no regard for allergies or dietary requirements. We were not given any information regarding what food was going to be served or how many plates would be brought out to share.

My mum asked for some serviettes and some salt and pepper and we helped ourselves to cutlery off the side near the bar. When querying where to get our glass of prosecco we were told it was on the bar… this was a free for all and there were not enough glasses for all the guests.

What we ate and the fellow tasters on our table thought of the food :

Prawn cocktail – Salty and tasteless.

Pate – Delicious, thoroughly enjoyed.

Dough sticks – Sauce was lovely, however the sticks were greasy.

Venison sausage – Elastic/string was still attached to sausage!! These were served cold therefore could not be enjoyed.

Burger – A small piece of burger which was congealed as were served cold (mine was so cold had layer of ice) on a piece of roll and a slice of tomato… when a man queried why they were cold the lady said ‘they are cold because we are serving food in bulk’. Not how you would (hopefully) receive your meal in the restaurant. These we feel would have been enjoyed if hot and some sauce/cheese added.


Fish and chips – Chips (3) were tasty once we added some salt. The fish was tasteless and greasy.

Pizza – We enjoyed the pizza, vegetarian, meat and spicy (wasn’t very spicy) all 3 were tasty and devoured. These were the only plates of food which were all eaten.

Melba Mess – This was delicious, meringue was crumbly and enjoyed, unfortunately there were not enough of these for everyone to try some.

Milkshake cheesecake – Very crumbly as served from a tray without any plates therefore eaten off our hands. However this was the best dish of the evening, we would purchase this dessert if served on a plate with some cutlery.2466FA24-78B3-4738-8E2A-D5A481D4D5EC

Chocolate orange dessert – This was tasty and the orange flavour was a good balance, served with a piece of strawberry this was nicely presented and tasty.

We ended up serving food to one another as there were no available staff around to check back how the food was/ bring food round.

Unfortunately we were given no opportunity to express our dissatisfaction of the evening, many had left before the evening ended due to lack of organisation of the event.

One lady was serving the whole area and didn’t seem take on the polite criticism that we spoke to her about. We explained we had no idea what was happening or the format of the evening she smiled and said she would get us some food over to our end of the room.

We were told that there would be entertainment… no such entertainment occurred.

Unfortunately many left disgruntled and we were certainly disappointed. We had hoped for a lovely evening out enjoying good food and in a lovely refurbished restaurant.

The food and service was abysmal however we cannot fault the decor. It was beautiful and looked very welcoming, the fire is lovely to add to the ambience. However there was no background music and due to the lack of entertainment, warm food and hospitality we feel this is not somewhere we could recommend.


Upon checking the facebook page it also seems that comments from tasters this evening commenting about the evening have also been deleted.

We do hope the restaurant improves its service and any future tasting nights can be planned efficiently to enable customers to enjoy the menu as it would be served to paying customers.

** We were offered free tickets to the tasting event & did not receive any payment for this blog post. The above opinions are my own and those that we were seated with at the event **



Revolution Norwich

This Friday evening we had a rare treat where Big A was away for the weekend with Brownies (at Butlins eekkk!!) and Little K went for a sleepover at Nanny’s. Hubby and I wanted somewhere to go for a meal and a few drinks *date night*

We have eaten at many of the restaurants in Norwich so wanted to try somewhere new. After speaking to a friend she suggested Revolution. I took a browse on their site to discover they have 50% off food in January WINNER!

We booked a table for 7pm after taking Benji for a walk to wear him out (puppy guilt for leaving him home alone). We were shown to our table which had our reservation card on it, the restaurant part of Revolution was lovely with hanging bird cages and dangling light bulb lights above our heads. The decor was stylish and there was a really lovely ambience about the area.


Hubby and I both had steak and chips. It was delicious, much nicer than we expected from a bar/drinking venue. We bought a revolution card for £3 to take advantage of the 50% off food offer and also the 2 for 1 cocktails offer. When we were presented with the revolution card it was in a box – in the box was a pair of Boxers! Tacky but fun at the same time! (Hubby was secretly pleased). The card gives you lots of offers via email, including money off, 2 for 1, lots of great deals to ensure you return.

We enjoyed 2 steak and chips, I had 4 cocktails & hubby had 2 x double JD and coke and the bill came to £43 we felt this was very reasonable and had a lovely evening, as it got later the lights slowly dimmed which also added to the atmosphere. The music was typical bar music but at a level so you could still hear each other talk which was bonus.

We then enjoyed the above 6 vodka shots, they have a menu of 30 flavours including some unusual ones such as Birthday cake which was rather strange! I loved the pear drop shot it was delicious and accurately tasted like pear drops.


The cocktails were both tasty and beautifully presented. The bubblegum daiquiri actually had flying saucers in the top – be warned you may get brain freeze!

The lady who served us was attentive and worked very hard to serve all the tables in the food area herself without much help from other staff. We would definitely return, in fact we are going again with friends in February.

Check out their website for pictures of their meals – I forgot to take a picture of my meal as was eager to eat! https://www.revolution-bars.co.uk/bar/norwich/food-menu/

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  • All opinions are my own and I received no compensation for this review.

Brick Wonders 2017

Today we visited the Brick Wonders Lego exhibition in the Forum Norwich.


It is open everyday 10am-4pm until 21st January with free entry.

The creator is Warren Elsemore and he has created models of some of the many wonders of the world with more than 500,000 lego bricks.

They really are amazing, so much to see in the intricate designs.

Little K liked the airport and Big A liked looking at the Egyptian pyramids. My favourite design was the map of the world showing where internet connections were faster and slower.

The exhibition offers a wall to add your name/message in lego bricks and a table with massive boxes of bricks to get involved creating your own models.

The star piece for us was the airport in the middle of the exhibition complete with passengers, space station above, fire truck, bin lorry it really is a complete airport.

The girls said they would love to visit again so if we have time we will pop back to have another look around.

We recommend getting there earlier in the day during the holidays. We arrived at around 10:20 and were able to head straight in however when we came out there was then a queue starting to form to get in.

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Welcoming our new puppy

On the 17th December we brought home our bundle of joy. Benji.

He travelled so well in the car on the way home and settled in straight away.

Over the last two weeks he has been amazing! Sleeping in his crate at night, after only crying the first few nights for a short while. He has had only a handful of wee toilet accidents. He goes to the door and we are trying to teach him to use bells to indicate he wants the door to be opened.

He loves nothing more than cuddling his monkey  (with 5 annoying squeaks inside) that we bought him as a comforter when we brought him home. We have since bought him a ‘Snugglepup’ – a teddy which has a heartbeat which he loves to sleep cuddled up with.

He has learnt to ‘sit’ and was an angel at his injections. He is quite happy to sit in his seat in the car and just snuggles down with his blanket and nods off.

The lead is the only problematic hurdle at the moment… he hates it! We have been trying to reward him with lots of praise in the garden but he can only bare it for a few minutes.

He is only 11 weeks old so we will increase lead time over the coming weeks and we are looking forward to taking him out for his first walk.

Benji is super playful with K & A and we have all been surprised at how easily he has settled. He is very adaptable already having visited a few family homes and met friends dogs.

Food wise he currently eats James Wellbeloved Kibble although we are considering other options… what do you find best for feeding your puppy?

Benji has his own instagram if you would like to check out his daily antics – instagram.com/benji_cavapoodle

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Sleeping Beauty 2017

As a family we went to the Norwich Theatre Royal Panto last Tuesday to see Sleeping Beauty.

Wow what a show, we go each year to the pantomime at the theatre. It doesn’t feel like Christmas until we have seen the pantomime.

Little A & Big K love going to the theatre and really look forward to the pantomime each year.

This year we sat upstairs in the circle so had had a different view as to previous years. It was great to see the stage from a height and not being too close row D.

The show was fantastic, funny, full of energy. The cast performed wonderfully with some amazing singing, acting and dancing. The young dancers worked so hard and the little ladybird was so cute!!

Richard Gauntlett who produces, writes and stars as the dame is incredible he is hilarious – his costumes are great. Ben Langley is also a great actor and very funny, we remembered seeing him in previous pantomimes.

There were a couple of famous faces appearing including Derek Griffiths (Coronation Street, play school) Gillingham Wright (Eastenders) Elizabeth Carter (Dreamboats and Petticoats).

The show lasted around 2 hours 20 minutes with an interval to buy ice cream or a drink. The ice creams have increased in size and price this year.

We thoroughly enjoyed the show, if you get a chance to go and see it take the opportunity you won’t be disappointed. The pantomime is on until mid January, most performances are sold out but you may be lucky to get some tickets.

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*All opinions are my own*

Shopping and Slava’s Snowshow


Yesterday Big A and I had a girly day in Norwich city centre, we popped to Clarks to buy some boots which was an epic fail! The designs were pretty much the same as last years and therefore we decided to try elsewhere. We went to the Royal Arcade and had a look in Stompers. Big A managed to find some lovely boots, which are weatherproof and suitable to wear to school too so that is a bonus. The lady who served us was super friendly and happy for Big A to do a few laps of the store to really test them out to make sure they were comfortable.


Earlier in the year I purchased theatre tickets to see Slava’s snowshow. I had seen the show previously and wanted to take Big A along to experience the madness. We sat on row H so we were close enough to feel thoroughly immersed in the atmosphere. The show is amazing, super interactive and the artistic mime is wonderous.

The actors were incredible and the show is very moving at times, going from happy to sad with no words or a few audiable sounds. Be prepared to possibly get wet, covered in paper, snow and be up for characters climbing over you. The ending of the show is the best part bouncing the large balls around the auditorium. It was amazing how excited the older generation got at bouncing large balls around, smiles all round for young and old.

The show tours and I highly recommend going if you get a chance, we would definitely go again if they return to the Norwich Theatre Royal.

Please note the show is not suitable for under 3s and they will not be admitted and is aimed at 8 years plus.


Amie gives the show a massive mark of 98/100.

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