TRAPPED Art Heist – Escape room pack

We were luckily enough to have been gifted Trapped the at home escape room game. After a difficult year we all need to be inventive to make the most of our time together at home. A pack full of clues and props for you set up your own escape room in your front room.

Trapped is a series of 3 escape room games including Carnival, Art Heist and Bank Attack. A world-first game concept, TRAPPED enables ANY room to be turned into an escape room! Designed by real escape-room experts, each pack comes with its own content, backstory and difficulty level. Work together to beat the clock, crack the clues and escape!

In Art Heist, the obscenely-rich Harrington family invites you to an exhibition of their priceless art. Upset that his family hoards wealth, though, their youngest son, Charles, asks your party to steal a painting… Fearing detection, Charles leaves only a series of clues to help you find the right artwork. But you’re not alone! Charles has also convinced one of the staff to help you escape… Can you find the painting, steal it and flee the scene – all in 60 minutes?

We found it easy to set up and the instructions were clear to get us started… we enjoyed finding the clues and think creatively how to work out the answers… it took us the full hour and we managed to work out part of the answer but we chose the wrong painting! Opps!

Packed with loads of content including clues to solve and puzzles to crack, all you need to add is family or friends to play and the cunning to escape/live the dream!. There are 3 missions to choose from – The Bank Job, The Art Heist and The Carnival. Can you prove you have the skills to complete the mission? Each sold separately.

What we thought: We would highly recommend these packs, currently on offer at £10 these are fantastic value for an evening of fun. These are suitable for the families so children can get involved too. The girls enjoyed helping place all the components out around the room and helping us use the clue book. They are something new and interesting to try at home during these difficult times.

These games are the ideal addition to the Christmas period and you can purchase yours from Argos –

Thank you to Goldenbearsuk for sending us these games try we can’t wait to try one of the other escape rooms on Christmas day with our immediate family.

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