Bella and Duke dog food review

We were lucky enough to have been sent a box of Bella and Duke dog food for our dogs Benji and Milo to try. We are very interested in feeding our dogs the best quality food possible so continually look to try other products.

Bella and Duke offers food which is 100% natural and nutritious meat & bones including oils, antioxidants, herbs, seasonal veg, fruit and berries . Ingredients are carefully sources from British and Irish farms. They offer FREE delivery and various box sizes dependent on your need and freezer space.


  • The food doesn’t smell.
  • Milo enjoyed getting stuck straight in meaning no food left lying around.
  • Easy to portion and store in tubs.
  • A bit rank – but less dog poo waste!
  • A wide range of flavours.
  • A mess free way of feeding raw food.
  • Personalised based on the weight, age, activity level.
  • The tubs that the food comes in are widely recycled.


  • We have one fussy dog who wasn’t keen.
  • You need to get used to the sight of blood.


They offer a wide range of flavours and ranges of food which is great for dogs that get bored of food easily. Within the Premium and Working dog there are 8 flavours: Beef, Tripe, Duck, Turkey, White Fish, Chicken, Lamb and Salmon. They offer different ranges dependent on the age of your dog. Puppy, Adult, Senior, Pure meat and bone, Superfood enriched, Working dogs.


Overall we are considering moving one of our dogs over to Bella and Duke, the other prefers his Butternut box so will stick him with what he likes (he is so fussy) Bella and Duke quality is fantastic and Milo gets so excited when he knows his food is being plated up.

I would love to hear what you feed your dogs…


3 thoughts on “Bella and Duke dog food review

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  1. I just bought a bag of Bella. The Turkey and chicken with carrots and green beans. My Yorkie went crazy over it. I had been giving her Purina Incredibites for small dogs. Used chicken kind . I have always stuck with Purina for all the dogs we have had.


  2. My pug and cockerpoo ars on Bella & Duke. Absolutely love it, I got a chest freezer so get a big order in. Defrost in the fridge the night before. Both dogs love it.


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