Circus Cortex UK – Glory show review

We were delighted to be gifted tickets and invited to review Circus Cortex in Cromer. Circus Cortex are bringing their new show ‘Glory’ to the UK this summer. They are a circus group made up of 17 performers and provide over 100 minutes of non-stop action.The show celebrates street art and includes Parkour, tightrope, pole, BMX, unicycle, acrobatics and dance. It included modern music which was something we really enjoyed.

The show took place in a big top tent which was stunning both before and after the show with the stormy clouds.

What we thought: We were so pleased to be out and seeing a live performance after such a tough 18 months. Circus Cortex were fantastic. Katie said her favourite act was ‘the clown because he was funny and creative.’ I loved the tightrope walker she was stunning and so elegant with such strength and control. Their costumes were stunning and have been designed and made specifically for this show. We were on the edge of our seats for the dangerous acts. The performers were professional full of energy and their smiles were contagious. The show was action packed and fast paced.

The circus sold a range of treats before and during the interval. Their prices were reasonable for their snacks and we liked that you could see them making fresh popcorn and candy floss. These were the costs for each : popcorn (£3) candy floss (£2) drinks (£1.50) handmade boomerangs (£4) and light up spin toys (£6).

Covid measures : The staff showed us to our seats and sat us in a row, putting a pink cone either side of us to leave space between families. The rows were quite close together but this was not a worry for me as were all facing forward and we could have worn our masks if we wanted to. They asked us to put our hands up is we wanted to purchase anything and the staff came to us which was a good to avoid people moving around the tent.

If you would like to see Circus Cortex they are heading to Lowestoft for the next part of their tour check out their dates and times below. You can find out more about their circus at their website : or on social media @circuscortexuk

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