Bakerdays letterbox cakes

We were excited when Bakerdays cake company got into contact regarding completing a review for them.

My nan and grandad or ‘gran-gran and gee-gee’ as the girls call them celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary this year. We thought this cake would be a lovely little added touch to their celebratory meal.

On the Bakerdays website they offer a great range of cakes covering every occasion you can think of, you can personalise your cakes and add photographs. BakerDays offer a range of different sized cakes ranging from letterbox cakes.. which as the name suggests fit through your letterbox to larger 12 inch cakes. They also sell cupcakes and personalised balloons.

Here is an example of some of their cakes from their website:

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 11.37.03

Letterbox cakes which are 5 inches in size cost £14.99, they come in a lovely tin to keep the cake protected and fresh. If you place your order by 2pm you can receive your order the very next day.

This was the cake I ordered, using a photograph from my phone. The photograph was black and white… apparently their weren’t coloured photos 60 years ago. I chose a victoria sponge cake.


When the cake arrived it came in a brown box and the cake came inside tin which said ‘just for you’ on the front. It was protected either side by some packaging.This tin has small holes in for the air to circulate. The cake should stay fresh for around 7 days. My nan loved the tin and said she will keep it once they’ve eaten the cake.

They offer a range of flavours including: traditional sponge, lemon drizzle, half chocolate and half sponge, rich chocolate chip, fruit cake. They also offer gluten-free and dairy free cakes which is great for catering to all dietary requirements.

I gave this cake to Nan and grandad last night and they were amazed at the quality. They loved the surprise of seeing their wedding photo on a cake. They liked it so much that my nan is going to show her friends at her art group today before even trying it.

I would recommend BakerDays for a unique cake delivered to your door. The cake was of course small (5 inches) to fit through a letterbox but perfect to surprise someone with a thoughtful delicious cake. Nan and Grandad commented on how great BakerDays would be for them to order cakes for their friends birthdays. Friends who are at an age where they don’t have parties/meals and they could enjoy a small cake in their own home. I feel these cakes are great for celebrating with somebody who lives long distance. We would definitely use this service for sending cake to relatives who live away. I would say they are quite expensive if you start looking at the larger cake sizes for instance one design in a large size costs around £58. However for a smaller personalised cake they are fantastic value and the design is very high quality.

Order your cakes,cupcakes and balloons here:

Thanks for reading.

*I received a cake in exchange for an honest review.


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  1. I’ve had a baker days cake before and it’s been so tasty, especially the icing. This is such a nice personalised cake x


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