Our short break in Scratby

Its the summer holidays yay!!!! We kicked off our holidays in style by heading straight to a caravan after school on Tuesday. We have been away to Scratby for a few days.

My mum and nan hired a caravan for the week, due to work commitments and school A,K and I went down Tuesday-Friday. To be honest this was a good amount of time to spend at the site. We stayed at Summerfields Holiday park, a parkdean resort.

img_6342.jpgThe resort itself is quite small, not a great deal to do and quite run down. The little crazy golf is uneven and needs a paint job. The park is lacking in play space, with 1 small park…. which gets covered in children in the evenings whilst parents ditch them to drink in the bar! The staff were lovely to talk to on reception and entertainment staff were friendly. The pool was okay, lifeguards and seating area were good. The showers were rubbish and mostly cold water which sprinkles on you without any power. One day we went swimming first thing and there were only 6 of us in the pool which was nice and the water was a reasonable temperature. The entertainment was okay a bit samey but to be expected at this kind of break. Everything was a little slack… we overheard a conversation about a dead mouse being found mid afternoon churned up in their other park down the road. – I would recommend Summerfields for a weekend away but nothing more. There are amusements where you can collect tickets to win prizes, the girls enjoyed this and came home with some little toys. Food onsite was rubbish the first day but we did enjoy the sharing platter another night which was good value and a good snack for the 5 of us. Bingo was pointless £10 to play but the prize for a line was only £9.38 and throughout our stay the link element of the game linking with other camps didn’t work. We were aware of the facilities as we visited about 10 years ago before it was taken over by Parkdean. However other than the restaurant and a few areas being painted it still remains the same. We didn’t bother with the little soft play area upstairs now the girls are getting older. This holiday was more about the beach and spending time together than the resort and accomodation so we still had a fantastic time creating memories.

Scratby beach is lovely, unfortunately this beach isn’t accessible for all as you do have to go down quite a few stairs to reach the sand. There are also some toilets at the top of the cliff which is handy for the little ones.

We have enjoyed spending time together playing games, chatting, going for walk and spending lots of time on the beach. We have been very lucky with gorgeous weather. It is rare that all 4 generations of our family spend time together without rushing around or quick catch ups. The men stayed at home, hubby was working and looking after Benji. They did come up and visit us for lunch one day which was nice.


We visited the other Parkdean holiday park that was also in Scratby. California cliffs is a bigger park and has the added extras of a bigger play park and little outdoor pool and slide which was lovely in the heat. We would consider possibly staying at this campsite another time. We also ate here, the food was the same menu as Summerfields but the food was delicious and the outside area was nice to eat in.

We visited a lovely cafe in Scratby numerous times during our stay. Tastebuds cafe, we enjoyed everything we had there ranging from jacket potatoes, to full english breakfast, ice cream sundaes and cream teas….  I hope my slimming world lady isn’t reading this!! The staff were friendly and they offer a really good range of food. They even offer mini sundaes in a variety of flavours. They were very accomodating with our fussy choices and adjustments. If we ever visit again we will be heading there for lunch for definate.

On Wednesday we visited Great Yarmouth for their summer fireworks. During the summer they have fireworks every Wednesday at 10pm. The girls enjoyed yet more icecream and the fireworks were fantastic! For more information check out – https://www.great-yarmouth.co.uk/whats-on/fireworks.aspx


We also visited Hemby and enjoyed spending our pennies in the 2p machines. We ate at the Lacon Arms, food was okay the chips were a bit tasteless and greasy a bit like chip shop chips, but the girls loved their milk bottles with sprinkles around the top of the bottle. – http://thelaconarms.co.uk/


Next time we book a girly break away we will be sticking to Haven or another chain where we know the entertainment and activities are of better quality with more available on the resort eg. bigger play park, sports facilities, waterpark.  Check out the Summerfields website for more information on the park – https://www.parkdeanresorts.co.uk/location/east-anglia-lincolnshire/summerfields/

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  1. If you walk over to oasis from summerfields they have evening entertainment, you have the three parks in one that are all part and parcel, there’s also the Chinese and the chip shop all within that part. I think it’s a fantastic place without the hustle and bustle of a haven camp where it gets too packed out and crowded. If you had picked a chalet or apartment you would have had your own shower/bath. Interesting to see your view on it though.

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    1. Thank you for your comment, I was totally unaware we had access to Oasis too. A shame to have missed out on this area entertainment and facilities. Thank you for getting in contact I will pass the information onto the family we hired the caravan off to add to their information pack.


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