S.W.A.K by WOWEE – Review & Giveaway

A was recently sent S.W.A.K. (Sealed with a Kiss) kissable keychains from WowWee with KissTech technology that detects a cheek and delivers a kiss to review with thanks to WirePR.

From initially seeing them when A opened her parcel she loved the designs. They are really eye catching and I can see why she likes them. She liked the idea of sending one of these to one of her friends who she doesn’t see anymore since moving schools. After leaving the lips for 5 minutes, your S.W.A.K. goes into battery saving mode which is good to save energy, you can also replace the batteries when they run out.


The longer you hold S.W.A.K. to your cheek, the longer the kiss lasts. You can add a loving message to the postcard to show how much you care for someone. With a slot located at the top, your S.W.A.K. is also a fun way to display your favourite photos or cards.

Series 1 comes in 12 customised designs and kiss sounds, there’s a lot of love to go, and gift, around! Each S.W.A.K. comes with a collectable postcard, sticker, and removable keychain. They were launched in February 2019.

Since initially opening her 4 key rings she has been chopping and changing hanging them on her school bags and playing with them with K. There are 12 in the collectable range that she would like to try and collect them all. A loves the different sounds they make and even made up a little dance to one of them. A says she will be saving up her pocket money to buy some more. The rrp for these key chains is £6.99 which would make them the perfect pocket money toy or birthday gift for a friend or loved one.

If you would like to win your very own SWAK keychain please enter below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You can find out more about them on their social media sites.



Website: https://swak.wowwee.com

We were sent these SWAK key chains by Wire PR in exchange for an honest review.

Thanks for reading.

13 thoughts on “S.W.A.K by WOWEE – Review & Giveaway

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  1. These look so fun and cute! I love her idea of sending one to a friend she doesn’t see that’s such a lovely idea! These definitely look like something my daughter would love too!


  2. These are very cute, and nice to send to friends as gifts. When I was younger I would have loved these as I used to hang so many keyrings off my school bag x


  3. I really like these and wouldn’t mind one for myself. My 9 year old daughter, Caitlin would love these. I can see her and all her friends collecting these


  4. Eliza has some of these and they are proudly attached to her school bag – they are great aren’t they


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