We have worked with in our latest review. are a company specialising in ...... pyjamas. We all love comfortable sleepwear so what's not to love? Who else looks forward to winter evenings snuggled up in their cosy PJs? We certainly do, especially in winter when it's gloomy outside. A bit about the business,... Continue Reading →

Enchanted Felbrigg

Back in mid December we attended the last 'Enchanted Felbrigg' event of the year. We had never visited and felt we wanted to do something different this year. We went on the Polar Express last week and wanted to finish off the Christmas festivities with some lights. The entry prices were reasonable with National trust... Continue Reading →

Design-a-friend VIP event

Last week K and I were lucky enough to go to the Design-a-friend VIP event in London. We love the dolls from Argos and the girls have quite a collection of dolls and clothing. We were in London that day anyway so we were excited to attend the event without making an additional trip. We... Continue Reading →

Ooks clothing range – Review and giveaway

Earlier in the year we reviewed the awesome Ooks interactive story creation app which you can take a read of here:¬† Ooks have now created range of clothing and other accessories to match some of the adorable characters featured in their books through the storybook application. This was one of the books the girls created... Continue Reading →

Bakerdays letterbox cakes

We were excited when Bakerdays cake company got into contact regarding completing a review for them. My nan and grandad or 'gran-gran and gee-gee' as the girls call them celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary this year. We thought this cake would be a lovely little added touch to their celebratory meal. On the Bakerdays website... Continue Reading →

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