UK Adventure Trails – Review

We were invited to attend the UK adventure trail located at Lady Ferrer’s Wood in the Raynham Estate near Fakenham in Norfolk.

UK Adventure trails is a brand new pop up event available for 5 weeks from the 24th of July. It is a woodland sculpture trail of more than 80 sculptures. The trail features a range of animals including a unicorn, aliens, tigers, a panda, crocodile, dinosaurs and more!

At just under 1.2km, the trail is the perfect length for little legs and usually takes between 45 and 60 minutes to complete and it is suitable for robust pushchairs. As the trail is through natural woodland it is not possible to guarantee that the route will be accessible for wheelchairs. It has been designed to be Covid-safe, with each family group setting off five minutes apart. Booking in advance is essential and on-site parking is free.

With so many things to look out for, there’s no danger of children getting bored, and each intrepid explorer will receive a trail booklet to keep track of what has been spotted in the woods.There are six themed zones to walk through.The trail has been designed to be accessible and enjoyable for both the youngest and oldest in every family. With a wonderful combination of the natural world and engaging characters to look at, their aim is to create an environment where families can enjoy the countryside in a way that is stimulating for even the youngest in the group.

What we thought:

We liked completing the trail sheet and finding all of the animals. I thought the 6 different themed areas were a good idea. We liked that there were a couple of little facts on boards near to some of the animals and also a task to count how many fairy doors you can count in the Fairy Glen.

Katie said ‘It was good, she would love some under the sea animals if the trail was to return again.’ She enjoyed ticking off finding the different animals but would have liked a sticker/stamp on the trail sheet or a medal/badge at the end as a ‘Well done’ for finding them all. As a parent I feel that the sheet was a good idea but if there were also pictures next to the word it would help younger children spot them who maybe are unable to read.

Facilities: There were portaloo toilets at the beginning of the trail and a coffee truck with a variety or drinks and snacks in the car park area. We saw lots of people having picnics by their car which was a great idea to make it a longer day out following the trail. You are asked to keep your distance from other families and by having the 5 minute time to arrive, this worked really well. We overtook one family who wanted to take a little longer at some of the animals but this is encouraged so that people can complete the course at their own pace. We felt that the trail was a great way to get outside with family whilst staying safe.

We would recommend this for younger children who would find characters in the woods magical, Katie at aged 9 enjoyed her visit but I do feel that £8 is quite expensive for a visit which lasts less than an hour (however do appreciate it would have taken a lot of setting up for a 5 week pop up attraction). I would recommend bringing a picnic and extending your visit by enjoying lunch in the car park area and purchasing a coffee from the coffee van.

You can book your tickets at their website below:

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