Melsop Farm Park – Easter Monday

Yesterday we visited Melsop farm park. It was a ridiculously rainy day but as a family we had planned to meet up with grandparents and cousins etc so we decided to still head to the farm.  We were (well the children were) well equipped with puddle suits and wellington boots. Upon arrival at the farm… Continue reading Melsop Farm Park – Easter Monday

OOKS the interactive story-creation app – Part two

Following on from our World Book Day post Little K & Big A have now received their books in the post. They are A4 size, contain 32 pages and the card and pages feel of good quality. The last few pages of the books are puzzles and activities which is a nice addition to the… Continue reading OOKS the interactive story-creation app – Part two

Our first Glamping experience

What a week... the girls have been feeling unwell with a temperature and then we have had 3 snow days where the schools have been shut! We have mostly spent our time - Sledging, making snow people,  watching films, drinking hot chocolate then repeating this sequence! When an advert popped up on Facebook for a… Continue reading Our first Glamping experience