Pets at home – My Pet Pals workshop

This week we booked onto a Pets at home my pet pals workshop at our local store in Norwich Longwater. We buy all of Benji’s dog treats, toys and random things we impulse buy from this store.

They run free workshops throughout the year with half an hour to learn about pets and get to handle some of the animals. This is also great for the animals to get used to being handled before they go to their forever homes.

They offer various different sessions during term time featuring different animals.We attended an Easter Small Furries session.

Dan our workshop leader was wonderful, he spoke to us about being quiet and making the experience good for the rabbit we were going to be handling as she was new and hadn’t been handled much before.

He spoke about care for rabbits, let the children ask a ton of questions … A & K love to think of random questions including ‘Why do they rest’ ‘Why do they jump’ ‘When do they sleep’.

All of the children had a little stroke of the bunny and then if they wanted they could give her a little cuddle. The children really enjoyed the session and Little K said ‘Can we do this again?’ These sessions would be really useful if you were looking to buy a new pet for your family and gives you lots of information regarding the care of the animals.

The workshop lasted 30 minutes which was perfect for the little ones, at the end all of the children received a certificate, sticker, colouring sheets and an activity book.

They run workshops throughout the year across the country check if there is one local to you here :

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