Norfolk tourist attractions – A few of our favourites!

This week has been busy, I’ve been back at work this week Wednesday Thursday Friday  We have had a fantastic week exploring a few of our favourite places this week.

High Lodge: On Tuesday we met up with my uni friends and their children. We went to High Lodge at Thetford. They have the ‘The highway rat’ trail on at the moment, we didn’t complete the trail this time as we just wanted a relaxed play in the woods. We enjoyed making dens and playing on all of the play equipment. It is a great place to visit as the entry is free, you pay for the car park which was £12.50 for the day but with a 7 seater we can usually share a lift spreading the cost which is great! Go Ape is also at this venue… something we are yet to do! Must add to our to-do list. We were very sad to see a lot of trees have been cut down in the musical forest but there was a sign explaining why they have done this and by winter when the leaves reappear it will become a clear path again to follow. We love all of the musical instruments in the woods and the play equipment is great for all ages.

throwback thetford.jpg

The above photo was taken 4 years ago on another adventuring day at Thetford Forest. They look so cheeky!

High lodge is a great place for children to be free, explore and for adults to join in den building being active and being ‘big kids’ on the zip wire and climbing frames with children.They also offer additional experiences for a cost including, segways, horse rides, archery. Something to do for all ages. This is also a great place to take a dog for a walk or take bikes and go for a cycle.

For more information about High Lodge check out this link:

Waterloo park: We love waterloo park during the summer months it has a fantastic water area where there are sprinklers that squirt from the ground. Surrounding this area is an area of sand and then lots of climbing frames. We love the addition of the Park Britannia cafe now too! They serve lots of delicious food. Toilets in the actual park are pretty grim but there are some cleaner toilets up near the cafe which is a short walk from the playground area. There are also lovely gardens to walk around and Cafe Britannia often put on events and things to do for the children such as treasure hunts etc. This park is fantastic as it is fenced around the edge and all areas are visible at one time which is great when taking a group of children to play.

Check out their menu here:

I failed on the photo front at Waterloo park as unfortunately my phone broke! Battery expanded so got stuck on the apple sign! But all fixed now thanks to hubby taking it to the phone shop for me.

Roarr Dinosaur Adventure: We love Roarr Dinosaur Adventure, there is so much to do! It’s a shame the prices are increasing year on year but they have done some amazing renovations recently which compensate including a new restaurant and the high ropes course which is FREE! & they are still creating another building at the entrance area too. If you haven’t visited before I would highly recommend a visit. They offer lots of outdoor play equipment, a dinosaur trail, deer safari (for an extra cost), high ropes, animal area & petting. Indoor play area and a water park! Everytime I ask A & K where we should do in the summer they say the ‘Splash zone’ at Roarr. It is fantastic, much like being on holiday and the children all have a fantastic time. My childminding children also love the dinosaur park, a favourite all-rounder place to visit. This week was dippy the mascot dinosaurs birthday party so in addition to the normal activities they had a list of extra activities. We took part in the party dancing before heading to the splash zone as it was extremely hot!

Last week when we went again A explored the high ropes course! She loved it. K wanted to go on but needed an adult… unfortunately I had open toed shoes on so I’ve stupidly promised I’ll go on with her another day! #myworstnightmare I hate heights and anything like this!

Unfortunately this trip was slightly tainted by the wasps! They have open bins throughout the park which seems to have encouraged a mass of wasps everywhere! We actually left to have ice cream at home this week as it was so bad!

Unders 3’s are free to enter the dinosaur park with a paying adult which costs £14.95 when booked in advance online. I’d advice booking tickets online as the on the door price for a child over 3 is £18.95! We are season ticket holders which costs £75 a person but this is a great investment as we go every couple of weeks. They also have a couple of party evenings throughout the year where they open in the evening and put on a bbq and live music. Entry to these events is free to season ticket holders.

Check out their website and book your tickets here:

Also just to add: We have had eggs delivered to hatch over the summer… last year we observed the life-cycle of butterflies so this year we had to beat it! A lady I spoke to offering that we could hire all the equipment from them. I really hope all works out, it is a lot more complicated than I imagined, ensuring temperature, humidity and turning is correct! I’ll keep you posted with how it all turns out.


Thanks for reading


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