Build-A-Bear workshop and shopping in Norwich with K

Yesterday K and I had our ‘Mummy and daughter day’. Each holidays Nanny and Grandad have A or K so I can have some quality time with the other child. This is great and we look forward to it each holidays. As the weather was so lovely I suggested we go to the beach or river… but K requested a trip into the city to spend the rest of her birthday money (from May) she is learning about saving and spending so that was the plan! Spot of shopping & some lunch.

We headed into the city, K had packed her bag with her GoGo Hare map and pen as we have been spotting these too.We went to Primark where she bought a super cute Koala bag for £6 and the purse to match for £3. These are lovely and she is such a bag lover! She feels grown up like her sister carrying a bag… usually full of random things, like plasters! She also bought some cute unicorn hair clips for £1.50. We then went to Poundland where she bought some sweets, some stickers ( 2 packs for 1), some glitter glues which were £2 (Yes poundland sell things for more than £1 which is sneaky) and some glitter hair spray… which will apparently make her ‘look like a unicorn’.

Many of you would have heard about the pay-your-age drama of a few weeks ago where Build-A-Bear offered bears for the price of your child’s age! In Norwich this was a disaster for many with huge queues and hours of standing around to get a bear. This is not the experience children should have when going to build-a-bear but I can understand why those with large families who would possibly not always afford build-a-bears would queue.

Thankfully build-a-bear offered those who would not be able to partake in the offer that day a voucher for £12 off a bear until the end of August. Whilst this offer isn’t anywhere near the original offer for many young children who may have only paid £1 or £2 in our opinion still a goodwill gesture.

Today we went to build-a-bear to have a look from the moment we walked through the door we were greeted with a lady offering to help this was lovely. K chose a dog from their promise pets range which costs £19.50 she also added a noise for an additional £3.50. The lady Amy who served us was lovely, she chatted to K and they did a little routine with the heart that goes in the dog including rubbing in on her nose to make him ‘nosey’ we found this funny! K named her dog after our puppy ‘Benji’.

K then went to the animal washing station, where she could blow dry him and give him a brush.


We then went and created his birth certificate. With our voucher for £12 off Benji cost £11 with the sound so this was a great deal compared to the full price.


We were then peckish. K requested lunch at pizza express.’Benji’ even had a seat. Pizza express in the Forum is our favourite place to eat on a mummy and daughter day. We enjoyed dough balls and a pepperoni pizza. The very nice waiter even took into account that I said we were sharing the pizza and it arrived sliced on two plates for us. We use our Tesco vouchers when we go to pizza express as you can change them up to 3 times their value which means a cheapish tasty meal. Who doesn’t love pizza!!


We then went to the library to do some reading with Benji and hunted out some more GoGoHares. When we got home we took real ‘Benji’ for  walk, build-a-bear Benji came along with one of ‘Benji’s’ old leads.

K and I had a lovely day together chatting and laughing! To end the day we watched Honey I shrunk the kids with Daddy once he came home from work. I couldn’t believe hubby hadn’t even seen such a classic film! We love Disney!

Thanks for reading.



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