Enchanted Felbrigg

Back in mid December we attended the last ‘Enchanted Felbrigg’ event of the year. We had never visited and felt we wanted to do something different this year. We went on the Polar Express last week and wanted to finish off the Christmas festivities with some lights.

The entry prices were reasonable with National trust members visiting for Free and parking for free. Adults were £6 & Children cost £3 each. The idea is based around a story around nature and seasons. Upon entry you are given a little sheet with the story and then once in the gardens there was a board which outlined the story from the previous year which was handy for us as we had not visited before.

Walking around the walled gardens there were socks dotted around the gardens from the previous years story. There we lots of things to see, the Green man, the ice queen, a treasure chest, a floating dress, the beast from the east, a snowball fight area and then you reach an area with yurts. Around this area there is a story telling tent.

There were things to look at for all ages and this really is a true ‘family event’ little ones would enjoy it just as much as older children.

The storyteller was amazing he was very enthusiastic ( a little frightening) but very engaging with his audience. Hot drinks were for sale here with areas to sit around fires to keep warm.You then continue your journey walking through the trees, where there were lots of light decorations, animals, a massive disco ball, drums and also a building where you can complete some craft, willow stars or masks this year. The girls enjoyed making willow stars, the staff were really friendly and helpful.

Once you have finished creating your craft you reach the Felbrigg house where there were two massive statues, more lights and decorations. This is really quite spectacular, the wreath was huge and the girls loved posing with it.

Once you have finished your enchanted journey you exit through the shop where you can go to the shops, area for food or leave to the car park. You can collect a ribbon to tie on the metal railings to choose a side either ‘green man’ or ‘ice queen’.


We went into the coffee shop and had a snack to end our evening. We were at the event for around 2 hours in total which was perfect, we felt we received good value for money, enjoyed the lights and it all felt very Christmasy. We would definitely visit again next year for the next part of the story, we are considering joining as National trust members and discovering some of the beautiful homes in Norfolk and beyond.


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  1. This looks lovely. Haven’t been to a National trust site in years but I really enjoy days out when we do go. Light decorations in the woods at night are wonderful.


  2. It sounds like a lovely day out filled with a range of activities like exploring the grounds and seeing the cool ice queen sculpture to be enchanting with the stories


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