Case-app cases – Review

I was invited to collaborate with Case-app a website where you can order personalised skins and phone cases. They have an amazing variety of different styles all created by designers.

‘CaseApp was created as a solution to make it easy for all people to be able to order custom designed products online. As part of we have more than 9 years in the business of printing and now has become a worldwide supplier of custom phone cases.

Our team is filled with ambitious people excited about making the best cases and skins possible built on a user-friendly website. We are constantly pushing our creativity and advancing our technologies to become the number one source for custom cases.’

You can personalise and create photo mosaics and add text to your designs to make them unique. I ordered the nature case for my iPhone 6 plus and for my MacBook pro. They offer glossy or matte finishes on their cases aswell as offering an option of a ‘tough’ case to protect your phone.Screenshot 2018-11-04 at 07.21.09.png

I love the massive selection of cases from various designers. They are grouped into easy to search through categories and the website is easy to use.  They cover nearly every phone type and tablet/mac.

The macbook skin comes as a sticker which you stick onto the outside of your laptop. I found this easy to do after aligning it with the Apple logo. I love this design its very autumnal.


I’ve had many people comment on my case at uni and also friends have commented on my phone case. I would recommend case app for all your fashion cases and covers. I love that you can also buy gift cards perfect for those hard to buy for friends who would love to personalise their own case. The cost for a case is around £22 for a phone case varying dependent on phone type and size. Ipad skins cost around £25.

I have an exclusive offer for my readers of 20% off all orders using the code: ALLUMSADVENTURES

Check out what Case app have to offer here:

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