Design-a-friend VIP event

Last week K and I were lucky enough to go to the Design-a-friend VIP event in London. We love the dolls from Argos and the girls have quite a collection of dolls and clothing.

We were in London that day anyway so we were excited to attend the event without making an additional trip. We were travelling on the tube when Katie asked if I had ‘Jessica’ her design-a-friend doll. We realised we had left her back in Monument. We had to go to the event without K’s beloved doll. We did luckily get her back later after the event.

We got to the event …. without Jessica. Poor K was very upset but I spoke to the ladies on the door and they said we could use one of their dolls, they were very accommodating and cheered K up by giving her lots of attention and comforted her by helping her find an outfit for the doll she could borrow.

The whole building was themed fantastically it looked lovely. The event was fantastically organised, every child received a hat on entry. On the first level there was an area to dress up in child sized clothing to match your design-a-friend and have your picture taken and receive instant photos. K was nervous to begin with but by the end of the party we had a lot of photos which she was very happy with.

There were lots of areas to play with the different dolls. They had themed biscuits, cakes and pink lemonade on offer which were beautifully presented and delicious!

There were lots of photographers attending the event so we hope to see some of the images soon. Downstairs was an area for parents to enjoy a hot drink, pastry and biscuits. There was a long table set up for the children to be creative and design their own clothing. K enjoyed this area and created a onesie design.


There was an area for children to have their nails painted and also a hair studio where a lady was providing hair make-overs with hair chalk. We needed to leave a little early due to catching our lift home. On the way out K received the most amazing goodie bag full of design-a-friend goodies. We had a great time at the design-a-friend VIP event it was great fun and K has stuck up her photos in her bedroom as memories of the day.


*We received tickets in a competition, Designafriend are unaware I am writing this blog post.

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