Summer holiday fun!

We are so excited for the summer holidays to begin after school today, we are starting the holidays with a bang by heading off to stay at a holiday park with grandparents and great grandparents. Hubby is staying home to look after Benji and work…. caravans are not his cup of tea anyway! He will come up for a day.

We are nearly packed and ready for some adventures… Big A has a pile of games she got for her birthday that she would love to play and a few days without distractions of Netflix and wifi will give us time to complete these.

We love being beside the sea and regardless of location in this weather it is beautiful to explore the Norfolk coast.

We are staying at a smaller, non haven site – we usually go for all the entertainment but with prices so high we are going for a quieter site and focusing on spending time together rather than the facilities.

Check out our social media pages over the next few days for tons of photos of our adventures!2f4266e0-16cc-48d0-ab1d-50b2787d6c7e.JPG

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