Benji’s first trip to the beach – Horsey

We are super lucky living in Norfolk to have so many beautiful beaches, we love exploring and spending time together on the Norfolk Coast. Many beaches are just a half an hour drive from our home so perfect for a family day out together.

Benji our 17 week old puppy hadn’t visited the beach yet and as it was half term we thought we would wrap up warm and get some fresh air – escape the tech world our children are growing up in.

The beach is one of our favourite places…. especially in the summer. Although now Benji has joined our family. We do need to do some research into the restrictions to which beaches dogs are allowed to visit in the summer.

We have been avoiding the beach the last few weeks due to some tragic stories of dogs eating things on the beach and dying/becoming seriously ill. Sea life was contaminated and making dogs very ill. Luckily Benji isn’t a pup who eats everything in sight and has learnt the word ‘leave’ so we took the risk to take him and just watch him carefully.

We put Sea Palling in the sat nav as this was somewhere that has been recommended to us to take Benji… we must have taken a wrong turn as we ended up at Horsey. We parked at the main carpark at Horsey for £3 for 2 hours. There is a mobile coffee truck in the car park which is always a bonus.

We walked to the left of the beach as the right of the beach is where the seals are often on the shore at this time of the year and there were lots of people heading that way.

We were the only people on the beach which was great for Benji’s first time at the beach. He absolutely loved running along the sand and getting close to the sea and then running back when the waves came. He was not keen to go into the sea just paddle in very shallow water which is reassuring that we don’t need to worry about the tide.

The girls had a great time running along the shore playing fetch with Benji, digging trenchs and watching the seals swim along the shoreline. They are real beach babes and in the summer will happily spend all day playing together happily (which is rare) on the shore.

We are looking forward to many more walks on the beach with Benji and enjoying the sea air… we all sleep well after a day at the beach including Benji – he slept for 4 hours!

Where is your favourite beach?

Thanks for reading.


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