Zimpli Kids – Chocolate Emoji Maker

We were recently sent a Emoji chocolate making set from Zimpli kids.



The girls love Emojis so this was a great choice for them, they also love chocolate! Let’s face it most children do.

The girls liked the range of different Emoji’s they could choose from and the process of heating the chocolate in warm water was easy for them to do independently.

The actual creation of the face was quite tricky but they did their best. The girls enjoyed making and certainly enjoyed eating their Emoji chocolate. I tried the chocolate and didn’t think it tasted amazing but they girls were content (they only gave me a nibble).

This kit would be a great Christmas present or stocking filler, it’s great that you can create two emojis at the same time the perfect present for siblings.


The girls have also been sent a few other Zimpli kids sets which we will upload videos for shortly.

Thanks to Zimpli kids for #gifting us this set.


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