Foodie Surprise – Review

Recently the girls were sent a parcel of ‘Foodie Surprise’ from Bandai. These toy kits are unique in the fact they are both a collectable a toy plus you can create your own edible sweets too. We were sent some products from their new Series 1.



Foodcart are the bigger products out of the two in the range. These are large boxes which optimise the excitement of surprise unboxing. You can collect 4 different food carts which come in two colours ways for each theme. The carts consist of a pizza cart, ice cream, sushi and bubble tea. We were sent the bubble tea and sushi carts which looked fab and the girls enjoyed decorating them with the stickers which were included.

Find them here: Food Surprise – Food Cart

Each cart comes with the moulds to create your sweets, the little packs of sweet mix come with an easy way of recognising which is which. They are different colours and have a code at the bottom. The instructions are really clear and easy to follow. You can create 12-15 sweets, in lots of different colours and shapes. Each set also comes with a sweetie storage collectible to transport your sweets.

Take out:

We also received two of the Takeout boxes. These are the smaller boxes containing a mystery take out carton and ingredients to make your gummies, plus a character to put your gummies in to take it out and about with you.

Find them here: Foodie Surprise Take Out

It’s as easy as A, B, C a) unbox your food cart or take out b) mix the magic ingredients and create your sweets c) eat now or take to go. 

These sets are a really great idea, for a birthday present or for a rainy day!


What we thought:

The collectable items are really lovely and the girls have played with these for many hours since unboxing. They loved that you can make your own sweets as this is something we have not done before.

The process for making them was simple just adding water and mixing for different periods of time, then leaving them for 10 minutes whilst they solidify and then you can pop the pieces together. They were a little fiddly to put together once out of the moulds but Amie aged 10 loved this bit of designing and placing everything into place.

A bonus is the fact you don’t need any additional ingredients (as you just add water) and there was little mess. We personally didn’t like the taste of the sweets, we found them far too sweet. However sweet treat lovers may enjoy them. They looked amazing once finished and the girls were really proud of their creations.

These products are from series 1 and the girls cannot wait for more products to be released and have popped some more products on their Christmas lists. We would recommend these for anyone who loves collecting and creating.

Find out more here: The Toy Shop

We were gifted these products in order to offer an honest review to our followers. Thank you for reading.


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  1. How cute are these! They look like lots of fun. I love the idea of making your own sweets, and that fact that it was just adding water is a bonus!


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