Time for change – How do you juggle your commitments?

This week was the first week back to school & my first week in college, a week full of emotions and getting back into the swing of juggling a million things.

The girls are now in year 1 & year 4. Little K said ‘Year 1 is boring as there are no toys’ & Big A was sad as some of her friends were no longer at her school but they both survived their first week back without any injuries/illnesses 😛

Daddy and I have booked a holiday for some adult time at the end of the month in Gran Canaria. We all went away as a family to Costa Del Sol in May so the girls are going to stay at Nana’s for the week which will be great fun!

I managed to get a bargain on my travel insurance by using Top Cash Back a site where you click through it when shopping online and you claim back a percentage of the cost in the form of either bank transfer or shopping vouchers. My travel insurance came out at £6.70 for us as a couple.

Check out the site here – https://www.topcashback.co.uk/ref/rcollins91

My first day in college was long! After 6 hours in class I was exhausted, I forgot how draining sitting in class absorbing information was. With lots of reading to do for my course I’ve set myself a target of 1 hour reading a day plus extra on a Monday on my day off. I’m excited to get started on assignments and look forward to Tuesday, my next day of lessons.


I was back to work Thursday Friday this week and enjoyed these days getting back into the swing of school runs & childminding. Toddler groups have restarted after the 6 week break so it was nice to see lots of friendly faces who we had not seen for a while.

The girls clubs have restarted too, after stopping swimming the girls have started gymnastics on a Saturday. They are both very enthusiastic as Nanny bought them both a leotard & are getting to grips with stretching etc.

Sunday is certainly our day for catching up on housework, relaxing and spending time together this week, recouping ready for our next week of excitement.

How do you juggle all of your commitments?




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