Big A’s first concert

When Little Mix announced they were coming to Earlham Park I quickly snapped up tickets for Big A & I via O2 priority moments.

Back in June we surprised her with the tickets as a birthday present she was delighted.

I was slightly apprehensive about taking her to a festival as she is only 8 however as the venue is only 5 minutes down the road I thought it was too good an opportunity to miss.

On concert day we made our way up to the park to join the queue of many thousands to get in. Unfortunately the organisers had clearly not thought this through and it took about an hour to get through ticket and bag search.

Once in we headed straight to get our faces ‘glittered’ Big A loved this at – £10 for her face & £5 for mine I felt mine was much better value.

Little Mix were fabulous and great performers however it was difficult to see as they were so far away – unless you paid for golden circle to be up close! The tv screens were also tricky to see so we ended up standing as far back as possible and had to bear piggy backs to be able to see.

A thoroughly enjoyed the concert, there wasn’t no any trouble that we saw or anyone over intoxicated ruining the atmosphere.

Exiting the concert was interesting thousands of people trying to fit through one small gate and if walking towards the road you end up in a pitch black dark field.

All in all we had fun, saw A’s favourite band and enjoyed some live music.



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