Hollywood Cinema Norwich

Last week Little K and I had a mummy and daughter day. I asked her what she would like to do and she requested the cinema.

We headed to Hollywood cinema in Anglia Square Norwich. I had a spree voucher for buy one ticket get one free. Meaning the cinema cost me only £5.99 for the two of us to visit the cinema.

Hollywood cinemas…. isn’t a big chain and their prices are competitive and a lot cheaper than the bigger cinema chains (Vue/Odeon). A bonus is that the car park on the same level as the cinema is free.

The cinema is traditional, some may say old and could do with some modernising but is more than sufficient for us. We love the fact that it is usually quite quiet and we have even been and had the cinema to ourselves before.

We love that the cinema always has the massive cardboard cutouts to stand with for a photo before the film. Some of the screens have had an update with new seats and screen.


*Tip to wear warm clothes as the cinema can be quite cold on a winter’s day if there are only a few people in the cinema.*

The snacks and popcorn are really good value compared to larger chains and the staff are always welcoming and say ‘thank you and goodbye’ when you leave which is a really nice personal touch to a cinema visit.

They offer a Gold card on their website which gives you a card where you can see any film for £5.99. The kids club viewing are also great value at £1.99 a ticket.

We film we saw was Ferdinand. Little K and I really enjoyed the storyline and characters in the film. Would recommend going and seeing it with little ones.

We hope the cinema remains open and supported by the people of Norwich for many years to come we would be sad if they were to end up closing like many other smaller businesses.

Thanks for reading.

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