Ergonomad – Umbrella Review

We have been reviewing the Ergonomad umbrella this week. This umbrella has many features that your bog standard umbrella does not. 7C50B058-F982-42DF-9E2B-592CFEC19E1F.jpeg

It is small (12 1/2 inches) and perfect to fit in a bag when folded up and with the umbrella bag.

This umbrella is made of Teflon and high water repellant fabric which drys instantly so can be folded away put into the bag and you do not have to consider where to dry your umbrella or how to carry it in shops etc.

This umbrella also has a lifetime warranty… so no chance of ever needing to purchase a new umbrella! This has to be a massive bonus!

It has a wrist strap to help carry your umbrella, as it only weighs less than 1 pound it is light enough to hang from your wrist. This umbrella bag has a clip to hang from the umbrella so not to lose the carry bag which is helpful.

The double canopy and 9 fibreglass ribs tackles heavy winds and rain.


We have tested this umbrella out on very strong winds. It stood up to the wind well with no turning inside out or any problems with bending.

We found that the handle is very comfortable with finger ridges and the weight isn’t too heavy when holding it in your hand.

I am considering buying more of these umbrellas for each of our vechiles they are small, compact, quick drying and with a lifetime warranty I won’t ever need to buy any further umbrellas.

You can buy your own umbrella from Amazon by searching – Ergonomad-Windproof-Vented-Double-Umbrella currently on sale for £10.99 is the website link if you would like to check out their products.

Thanks for reading.

Disclaimer – I received a high discount on this product in exchange for an honest review.

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