NSPCC Talk Pants Campaign

We have been sent a NSPCC Talk Pants activity pack, the ideas is to rid the stigma of having those tricky conversations around sexual abuse and to help families have open conversation with children without either parent or children feeling awkward!

In the pack you receive activity sheets including wordsearch, colouring, design your own pants, stickers, maze and much more.


Once sat down together to complete the activities creates the perfect time to talk about what is okay and what is not! We have always spoken about your body being private but this helped us talk in more detail that other people should not ever ask to see your body or touch your private areas.

The following song has been created as a light-hearted way to understand this information for younger children. We found it catchy and the girls have been heard singing it…. Big A even asked ‘Alexa’ to play ‘Pantosaurus’.

The 5 easy rules for staying safe is the thing that Big A really took onboard she created this youtube video to practice the rules and share with others.

These are the 5 rules to help children keep themselves safe from harm.

P – Privates are private

A – Always remember your body belongs to you

N- No means NO

T- Talk about secrets that upset you

S- Speak up someone can help

If you would like to get involved head to nspcc.org.uk/pantsshop there is a suggested donation of £5 but the main thing is to get the message out there and for children to recognise what isn’t acceptable and how to speak up if they feel uncomfortable or upset about something.

Disclaimer – We received the Talk Pants pack for free from Bzzagent, although we have chosen to make a £5 donation to NSPCC.


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