Junior Park Run

On Sunday Big A took park in the Junior park run at Eaton Park. A 2km fun run around the park at 9am on a Sunday morning.

It is one and a half big laps of the park area! There was a group of stewards in high-vis jackets at the main bandstand where we headed for 8:45 everyone then heads over to near the tennis courts where the starting point is. Its not a serious competitive race but about getting out and moving with family and friends on a Sunday morning getting active and for some beating previous times. There are running clubs which take part but on the most part it is families getting active.

You sign up online which is  *FREE* and you are given a barcode which you need to print out so they can track your finish times. At the end of the run you are given a token which you take to a marshall who scans your barcode and token to record your time. Later that day you receive a text message/email to confirm your time and finishing place. We received it late morning.

We arrived at 8:45 and listened to a marshall give us some safety guidance and the rules. He explained how the whole event worked. There was a real family atmosphere with lots of people cheering the children on as we went round and there were marshals dotted around the course to provide support or help if needed.

Big A did amazingly… she sped off without me and she finished with a time of 14 minutes 51 seconds. We were so proud of her for finishing her first run and she really enjoyed herself and is eager to attend again and beat her time.

She was excited to wear her new running gear, which I won from a facebook competition her outfit consists of running leggings, an awesome t-shirt and a jacket. Big A was super excited to have thumb holes in her jumper and also to have a zip at the back to put her barcode paper in. They offer a good range of performance sportswear including club items which you can have your logo added to.  Check out their website for more information – https://everactiv.com

If you fancy giving Junior Park Run a go the Sunday race is for children aged 4-14 year olds however parents can join in with their children just not cross the finish line to get a finish time. On a Saturday morning they run the same event but for adults which is a 5km race children are allowed to partake but must be accompanied by an adult.

For more information and to sign up for the next park run head to their website parkrun.org.uk/norwich-juniors

Thanks for reading.


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