Life gets busy….

Been a bit quiet on the blog over the last week or so…

Life has got busy….

Big A has moved schools. 3 weeks in, so far so good, she is really enjoying her new school. They seem to have a lot more opportunities than her previous school. She is certainly sleeping well they are wearing her out.

Little K has learnt to ride her bike. She is so proud of herself.  The girl who hates walking has found a love of using her legs cycling rather than walking.

Hubby has been working lots, wedding season is upon so he has lots of DJ’ing in the coming months.

My university work is building up… such a juggle to get it all done. We break up for the summer soon so I really need to work hard for a few weeks to get all of my work in on time and then I can relax and enjoy blogging.

Thanks for reading.


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