Welcoming our new puppy

On the 17th December we brought home our bundle of joy. Benji.

He travelled so well in the car on the way home and settled in straight away.

Over the last two weeks he has been amazing! Sleeping in his crate at night, after only crying the first few nights for a short while. He has had only a handful of wee toilet accidents. He goes to the door and we are trying to teach him to use bells to indicate he wants the door to be opened.

He loves nothing more than cuddling his monkey  (with 5 annoying squeaks inside) that we bought him as a comforter when we brought him home. We have since bought him a ‘Snugglepup’ – a teddy which has a heartbeat which he loves to sleep cuddled up with.

He has learnt to ‘sit’ and was an angel at his injections. He is quite happy to sit in his seat in the car and just snuggles down with his blanket and nods off.

The lead is the only problematic hurdle at the moment… he hates it! We have been trying to reward him with lots of praise in the garden but he can only bare it for a few minutes.

He is only 11 weeks old so we will increase lead time over the coming weeks and we are looking forward to taking him out for his first walk.

Benji is super playful with K & A and we have all been surprised at how easily he has settled. He is very adaptable already having visited a few family homes and met friends dogs.

Food wise he currently eats James Wellbeloved Kibble although we are considering other options… what do you find best for feeding your puppy?

Benji has his own instagram if you would like to check out his daily antics – instagram.com/benji_cavapoodle

Thanks for reading!


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