New beginnings.. Our Puppy Benji

This Christmas is going to be extra special for us as we are welcoming our puppy ‘Benji’ the week before Christmas.

Benji is a Cavapoo and after much research we believe this to be the breed for our family home. He won’t be a massive dog, low shedding & (apparently) hypoallergenic. Cavapoo ‘s are a great family dog and relatively easy to train.

It just so happens when looking for our puppy we found someone we knew selling a pup. This helped massively with the worry of buying from the ‘wrong place’ which I was very worried about, ensuring we bought a puppy from a reputable breeder.

We have visited a couple of times and ‘Benji’ is such a lovely puppy he is playful & so snuggly. Unfortunately he is the only pup in the litter as his sister died at birth. We have read up about ‘Singleton’ puppies and understand he will need to be socialised with other puppys to ensure he understands cues from other dogs.

Little K & Big A absolutely adore him and can’t wait to see him again. The benefit of knowing the breeder means we can see photos and visit regularly as only down the road. His current owner is awesome and is helping us with training ideas & tons of advice. As our first family puppy there is so much to learn, tips and tricks along the way. I’m sure there will be some disasters along the way eg. Chewed shoes etc. but we are very excited to be puppy parents.

The girls chose Benji a little teething toy and a blanket from Pets at home and gave them to him when we visited. We are all very excited and cannot wait to welcome him into our family.

So.. now my weekend is consisting of researching insurers & local vets and the health plans they offer… any advice would be wonderful.

Thanks for reading


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