We’ve done away with the old blog…

Therefore it’s probably time I re-introduced ourselves.

Me – I’m Bex, aged 26, a childminder based in Norfolk. I have recently signed up as a *mature student* to start a foundation degree in Early Years in September. I am very excited to get started but very aware I need to make a conscious effort to manage my time well whilst working and also ensuring we have enough family time.

I am going to be continuing with childminding 3 days a week whilst studying and also continue to run our soft play business (answer enquiries – not the heavy lifting). Active adventure Soft Play – http://www.facebook.com/softplayhirenorwich/

I really enjoy getting out and about the children and exploring nature, craft & we love messy play! We love trying out new toys and recipes.

Big A – A is now going into Year 4 at school, really into anything crafty at the moment. We have been baking, making Pom poms, trying out acrylic painting, Hama beads.

Little K – K is now going into year 1 and growing up way too quickly! She is really into flinging herself around at the moment without any fear and has now started gymnastics. K loves nothing more than to play with her babies (Annabelle’s in numerous designs and styles), Hexbugs are a big hit and she loves designing tunnels and houses for them.

Hubby – DJ Barney is now officially *blue tick* verified on Facebook. He is loving his new rounded stardom and we need to extend the door frames for his enlarged head. – Jokes aside he is doing amazingly! https://www.facebook.com/Djbarneyuk/

He and also recently started his new business venture a mobile valeter –

Luxe Auto Clean & Detailing Specialist – http://www.facebook.com/norfolkcarclean/

So that’s an update from us… I am to blog at least once a week about our goings on and about any new toys/games/days out we have found exciting 🙂

If anyone would like to contact me please do at – joysoftoys@live.com

Or head over to our Facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/Joysoftoysblog/

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