Zimpli Kids – Review and giveaway

A & K are like many children they LOVE slime. Messy play is a massive part of modern children’s lives and there are many educational benefits too. Sensory play helps children learn to explore and naturally encourages children to use scientific processes whilst playing. Children create, investigate and explore using slime/goo and other substances. Slime is continuously evolving including different textures, colours, colour changes.

Home made slime is never the same as these super slime…. bought sets. The girls love both, as a parent I see why they love them but I do have to sit and watch without commenting too often on the mess they are making! Slime was banned upstairs last year after it managed to ‘Slide out of the packet’ (the girls story) onto the carpet and stain. However downstairs on the childminding table I am quite happy for them to play to their heart’s content.

We have used a few Zimpli products before including some of the bath products & the snow balls which were great fun!

They also now have foil bag range with an RRP of just £1 these would be great party bag ideas, pocket-money toys or just a fab sensory play activity for the weekend.


Zimpli kids have just over 6.2 billion views on YouTube and have been trending worldwide! Gelli Baff turns water into a thick goo, whilst Slime Baff turns water into gunky slime! Their bath time products are non-irritant and 100% safe on skin, stain free, non toxic and UK made.

The girls had a fab time playing with the glitter slime play… it was mega glittery and easy to make with water in a bowl. We have had great fun with the bath products too, especially the colour changing gel baff.

The only slight downside to the Glitter slime play was the girls hands were a little coloured by the green after play but they did play with it for a long while. Clean up wasn’t too bad using hot water the slime dissolves to nothing and can be poured into the toilet.

Zimpli kids have been super kind and offered a competition for my readers:

A pink unicorn slime play, Goo Blue Slime Baff and a Snoball Battlepack:


  • This blog post was written in exchange for complimentary products to provide an honest review.
  • Zimpli Kids will send the prizes directly to the winner.
  • The winner will be chosen at random on 24th April 2019.


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  1. My daughter has suddenly gone wild for it, she tells me about all these different types, for me slime is slime lol but then I’m old and miserable lol


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